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We will create a photo library at Shutterfly for the World Championship event for you to peruse or even add to!  The previous GC World Championship in 2019 is here. There will probably be another one on Google. The first one to be live is from Sarah Patton: and another one here and finally from Andrew Moss:

The provisional broadcast schedule is (subject to change):

Block stages 7th-9th August: static stream of single lawn during hours of play; no commentary 
KO stages 10th-14th August: commentary and close-up of individual matches

The Final is scheduled to start at 10am on Monday 14th August.

Contact the commentary team via:
- The comments section on the livestream page on YouTube
- Instagram/Twitter (@croquetengland)
- Email ( - this will be monitored infrequently

Make sure you use the hashtag #wgcwc2023 when sharing or posting about the event!